Please read the full description for further details. My e-mail is changed: The new one is barkanu (_at_) ieee (_dot_) org Related article:… Barkan Ugurlu, Takao Kawasaki, Michihiro Kawanishi, and Tatsuo Narikiyo, Continuous and Dynamically Equilibrated One-Legged Running Experiments: Motion Generation and Indirect Force Feedback Control, in Proc. of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Algarve, Portugal, 2012, pp. 1846-1852. This video includes several experiments, conducted in Toyota Technological Institute, Nagoya Japan. It is uploaded as an extended version of the multimedia attachment. ** The running experiments are conducted at this robot’s maximum. It cannot jump higher or run faster. Because, its motors cannot exert more torques. The robot is built back in 2005, but I just joined TTI and have been working on it about a 1 year. After 6 years of hibernation, it just started running. Having accomplished its mission, it will be retired and replaced with more powerful legged robots, a quadruped and a humanoid. We will extend the motion control algorithms developed in this research for quadruped and humanoid locomotion scenes. Here are the scenes and brief explanations.