Cassie Blue is controlling the motion of the Segway by body lean, just as a human rider would do. To turn, she leans into the middle bar of the Segway with her “shin”. The feedback law being used is Cassie Blue’s normal standing controller. Yukai Gong, via the remote controller, commands Cassie Blue’s body lean. It would be much better if we modified the controller system so that we just sent desired speed and turn radius to the robot, and let feedback take care of the rest! Because we did not do that, we ran into a bit of trouble: the Segway has a built-in speed limiter. We’d be commanding Cassie Blue to go faster, faster, faster, by leaning further and further forward, and when the Segway would hit is speed limit, Cassie Blue would simply tip forward and fall of the Segway! The Discovery Channel was filming on May 9, 2018. We thank Ben Schaub for his interest in our work. Cassie Blue is operating with control laws developed at Michigan in this publication: Da, X., Harib, O., Hartley, R., Griffin, B., & Grizzle, J. W. (2016). From 2D design of underactuated bipedal gaits to 3D implementation: Walking with speed tracking. IEEE Access, 4, 3469-3478. More related publications… Cassie was built by Agility Robotics. The robot’s purchase was enabled by funding from NSF Inspire Grant ECCS-1343720 and Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The work on the control law was funded by NSF Grant NRI-1525006.